Here at SMW Offroad we are a small two man operation. We really love getting behind other small businesses like us.

The companies listed below are a lot like us. They are small, one or two person operations who love the outdoors and are creating useful mods and products to help you outfit you own off-road rig to its highest capacity.

Swing by their pages and give them all a look.

The GX Basecamp is the perfect addition to any trail rig. Whether you need more room to store and mount things for your adventures, or you are like us and want to have the ability to sleep right in your rig without taking up room with an added tent, this is your go to solution.

Use Promo Code: SMWOFFROAD to score yourself $5 off of any build manual!

We have this must have mod installed in our own rig and it makes a world of difference paired with the GX Basecamp platform. The Lemme Out Mod adds a manual release to the inside of the rear hatch in your GX470 (or 3rd Gen 4Runner).

The same company that brought you the must have cup holder insert (which actually still allows you to close the lid) is back at it again with a very popular and wanted accessory..... The GX470 fender extension! They are designed to finish off your running board removal and give a clean look.

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